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sea fishing

It’s official, sea fishing is one of my new favourite passtime, it has so many things that are really beneficial to me, there is the competition between us guys to see who is the best, there is endless time at sea which is a great place to gather your thoughts and focus on what’s important in life and there’s also the thrill of the hunt, something very primitive when you can catch your own fish, hunters mentality I guess.

You guys need to check out North East Tackle Supplies (or NETS as it’s know), they have such a wide range of gear and some of my personal favourite brands like savage gear and Imax, alternatively you can shop via category which is handy for me as I’m only interested in the sea fishing tackle section at the minute.

I really want to expand on this current hobby because it’s rare that outside of my job I do much in the way of fun, it seems like work is taking over at the minute and I promised myself that this year I would at least do 1 activity that I truly enjoyed, although my credit card is taking a bashing I really feel like it’s a great investment because after the weekend is over I can go back to work and feel really refreshed, fishing is a great social and mental break, one of the best experiences I have had and even led me to researching fishing trips via fishingtrips.co.uk – hoping to take a few new friends with me!

Talk soon.

just one more round

It appears I’ve now got somewhat of a reputation for being a bit of an eco warrior, I’ve recently learned that one of the best ways of doing this is in the alternative energy resources, thanks to recent government changes we are seeing more and more of our energy needs being produced by greener energy but that doesn’t always mean it’s more available.

Recently I installed a log burning fire in the hope that I could reduce my energy bills and maybe help the environment out a little more, it seems like more people are following my advice and wondering how they can get on board with the changes that I am trying to make it for me the easiest route is just by getting the same log burning fire installed and possibly looking into more greener energy solutions such as electric cars.

I have found this site of a local vendor firewoodhartlepool.wordpress.com so I am hoping to give them a call tomorrow and see if they will give me a discount because I intend to buy in bulk, wish me luck!

a whole new winter

It’s always great what I see some snow hitting the ground, I know it’s rapidly approaching that magical time when my work area is going to be freezing cold and in general I am going to be suffering from frost bite as I hammer keys on my keyboard, it always seems to me that there is never any real benefit to the winter time but I guess that can make up most of nature.

I have always thought that winter time has a great theme to it, it encourages people to be together around an open fire and then attempt to actually sit down and talk about life and interact with each other, it seems these days we don’t get enough of that and it’s kind of sad.

I’ve had a wood burning fire installed outside my house so I ventured down to get some firewood logs the other day, ended up stopping at a local business, found them via google, their website is firewoodhartlepool.co.uk and I ended up buying a few bags when I got down there just so I can keep things stocked up for the cruel winter.